About us

14th February 1976. The Pedraza brothers, Miguel and José, fulfil their childhood dream opening their own restaurant. At the beginning, in a humble restaurant, they put all what they learned, working through Spain for some years, into practice. Providing a top-quality product, cuisine and service.

That is how Ruta del Veleta is born.

It was not easy, but mixing the traditional cuisine from Granada with some avant-garde dishes and a very dedicated service, bit by bit, They find a place in their customer´s heart.

Thanks to the efforts, perseverance and job well done Ruta del Veleta is nowadays a reference in Granada and what was a humble restaurant has become a magnificent building where you can find typical flavours from Granada, avant-garde cuisine and kind service.

45 years later our mission is to reinforce the regional culinary tradition, keeping the tradition with a modernity touch.

Through our raw materials, carefully selected, putting our illusion and well-done work in all the stages and giving to diners the importance that they have We seek a harmony between service and cuisine.

Thank you for joining us in this journey.